Vintage Modified’s 2021 Banquet / Fellowship / Trophy Presentation

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First of all, I want to thank Mountain Edge Wedding & Event Venue, owner and operator Deanna Conwell, for hosting our 2021 year end Banquet for the Trophy Presentation. What a beautiful venue, even in the cloudy day with a possibility of rain.  However, the day was blessed with no rain through out the day.

Stayed tuned for more photos of this family fun event throughout the week. Yes, there are many more photos to come.  Be sure to scroll down to enjoy the trophy photos; as-well-as, the entire event.

We had such a great time seeing the top ten drivers receive their trophies; as-well-as, the five people voted in by their peers.


A big Congratulations goes out to Steve Woods in car #22, the Vintage Modified Racing Association’s First Place Winner for 2021. Taking home the Championship Trophy was a very exciting evening for Steve Woods and his wife Becca. Steve’s car is a 1955  Chevrolet / Bel Air and the 355 engine was built by Bud’s Machine & Engine Shop. Rick Villyard is the car owner and his pit crew is Becca Woods. A big shout out and special thanks for Steve’s successful win goes out to  Rick Villyard, John Woods and Becca Woods.

What a great win for Steve Woods! He he came to VMRA in 2019 and takes home the championship in 2021. Fantastic!


Taking home second place is Kyten Jones racing the #30-car. Kyten has been around racing his whole life and has truly grown as a driver. He began racing with VMRA in 2012 and is a second generation racer with this club. Kyten has been mentored by his his grandfather Jerry and his father Jim. The #30-car is a 1946 Mercury with a 350-Chevy Engine. Congratulations Kyten for another great year of racing.


Ken Kaltschmidt received third place for 2021. Ken and his partner Vince Conwell race in the 47-car. These two men have been racing with Vintage Modified since 2017. Vince received the third place trophy for Ken this year, unfortunately Ken had a tragic accident and was hospitalized for several weeks. But rest assured, Ken is doing wonderful at this time.

Congratulations Ken, Vince and their pit crew Jim.


Taking 4th place in points is Rick Villyard in the #2 car.  Rick built his 1947 Ford with a 358-Engine. Tina Villyard is the car owner, making a great team together.  Rick came to Vintage Modified in 2017 and has been a great help to many drivers.  Rick began racing Street Stocks in 1999. Congratulations to a fantastic 2021 racing season.

Best Appearing Car and 5th Place:     
#15 Ed Beck
Here are a few comments made about Ed on the Peer Voting Sheet:
Car is Bright, clean and slick. A sweet ride.
Always looks good. Nice and clean
Good looking car.
Even though it’s a Ford, it came out pretty cool looking.
I love the Mustang body style.

Ed Beck, #15 took home the best appearing car trophy and also the 5th place in points trophy. Congratulations Ed on another great year of racing with Vintage Modified Racing Association. Ed took 5th place in his 1947 Ford Sedan. He began racing in 1990 with the Thunder Car class and his favorite track is Stateline Idaho. Ed started racing with VMRA in 2019.


Most Inspirational Person (non-driver)
Micki Rux
Here are a few comments made about Micki on the Peer Voting Sheet:
Always friendly and encouraging.
Generous and giving.
Puts up with a lot.
Puts up with more than anyone else in the club and still remains positive
She keeps us all fed.

Here’s what was on Micki’s ballot
Now this is a hard one. I’d like to thank each person that was supportive to me when our club email was hacked. I was distraught over it and so many of you were so positive when talking to me about it. So many of you inspired me in a positive way.  Thank you all.

Hard Luck:  
Vern Huson #77
Here are a few comments made about Vern on the Peer Voting Sheet:
He tried sooo hard.
Motor issues all year
He keeps running out of oil.
Broke many times and many mechanical problems
You couldn’t possibly have worse luck than he did this season.
If something was going to go wrong it was going to happen to him.
Every race something negative happened to his car.
He never met and engine he couldn’t kill

Thank you Rick Villyard for making this amazing Hard Luck trophy

Sportsmanship of the Year:
#47 Vince Conwell
Here are a few comments made about Vince on the Peer Voting Sheet:
Always helpful
Always has a smile
Friendly greetings


Most Improved Driver and Rookie of the Year:   
#37 Mitch Woods

Here are a few comments made about Mitch on the Peer Voting Sheet: Improved every race
He said he couldn’t get the car right but always finished well.
Got a new to him car going fast.
Hasn’t been in a racecar for 10 years but finished 6th in points.
Rookie of the year and 6th in points

Congratulations Mitch for such an amazing first season with VMRA and taking home not just on trophy, but three trophies for 2021.


Car #37 is a 1948 Ford, driven by Mitch Woods, who took home the 6th place trophy for 2021. Mitch is also a rookie this year with VMRA, but he has been racing since 2003 in the Hobby Stock and Pure Stock classes. His favorite track was Spanaway Speedway.  



Coming in 7th place is another 2021 Vintage Modified Rookie, Shane Strimple in the 28-car. Even though Shane is new to VMRA he is not new to racing. Growing up Shane was around many race tracks. Shane is the business owner of Owner of Aaron’s Olympic 4×4. Shane is off to a great start with VMRA.


Kahl Cheth racing in the 23-car is a Rookie this year with Vintage Modifieds. However, Kahl first began racing in 2013 with the Hornets class. His very favorite track to race at is in Tucson, Arizona. Kahl came in 8th place racing in his 1956 Chevy Bel Air.

Mike Clother in the 7-car took 9th place for the 2021 racing season. Mike started racing with the Demo derby, on Mother’s Day, in 1981. When he won his first trophy Mike was hooked on racing from that date on. His first year racing with VMRA was in 1995 and had the nickname, “Jeckyll & Hyde”. 


Robert Rux in the 88-car took home the 10th place trophy, ending. Robert has been racing with Vintage Modifieds since 1999. He first started racing 1984 with the Compact Class at Spanaway Speedway.  This year Robert raced in a 1936 Chevy Humpback.


This lovely venue worked out perfectly for our awards presentation. Thank you Mike Clother for being the guest speaker and Helen for keeping the drawings for the gift table fun and active.



We were in this very lovely room for the end of the evening and for our trophy presentations and for the guest gift selections.  Coffee and deserts.


Thank you to Helen and Donovan for greeting the guests and giving them their tickets for the guest drawings.  And thank you too Micki for bringing shirts for the fundraiser. And thank you Leonard and Shirley for taking care of signing everyone in and taking money for the 50/50 fundraiser. And Congratulations to Becca Woods, the winner of the 50/50 drawing. 



It was so nice having time with the teams and their families.  An hour of visiting before the meal was served.


I’d like to acknowledge the catering service, EJ’s catering from Black Diamond. Their food was amazing. Michelle is one of the owners. You can find all of there information on their Facebook page.


And now for our fine dining. Everyone had a very nice time dining together. Laughing and talking over good times.





Just a few photos of the lovely grounds, set up for rain or sunshine. 

This beautiful Venue hosts amazing Weddings, Engagement Parties, Formal gatherings, and then yes a huge group of Race Car Drivers and their Families, Friends and Crews.  

Everyone enjoyed being outside during the Fellowship time. Families having fun with their kids. 


It was such an enjoyable day. Being with peers, family and friends. And not in the Pits. Not in Racecars. No helmets or engines involved. A time to share with families, friends and fellow drivers.


If you are looking for a Venue to Host your event, click on this link, “Mountain Edge Wedding & Event Venue”  and make contact for a tour and pricing. You will be very impressed.

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