VMRA EMAIL HAS BEEN HACKED / If you received the eMail asking for $150.00 Amazon gift card forward that eMail to STOP-SPOOFING@AMAZON.COM

Posted by | Posted in General, VMRA Newsletter | Posted on 06-08-2021

Our VMRA@comcast.net account has been hacked.  The eMail looks like it is coming from me, the ‘from’ reads:  Micki Rux – VMRA@Comcast.net and the subject reads, “Check in”. The eMail reads, “


I hope you’re doing well. Just wanted to know if you have an account with Amazon,


But it is not from me. If you replay to the senders eMail it comes back from Micki Rux vmra1@outlook.com. Forward the response eMail to STOP-SPOOFING@AMAZON.COM

The hacker is asking everyone in the address book for $150.00 Amazon eGift card. The eMail the hacker is using is vmra1@outlook.com. Do not respond. Do not send a the eGift card. And Do Not send any emails to VMRA@comcast.net because the hacker has them rerouted to his email.  

VMRA@comcast had received an eMail, what I thought was from Comcast, asking me to update my information and that is when I got hacked. So if your eMail account receives any eMail requesting updates DO NOT USE THAT EMAIL. I also received an eMail saying I had 28 eMails pending until my account was updated. That’s the one I replied too.

Please help me get the word out. The hacker removed all of the contacts in my Address and removed all of my sent eMails.  I am having Comcast disable the VMRA@comcast.net eMail.

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