WVSO on June 19th Main Event and A – B Heat Race Kyten Jones #30 / Ken Kaltschmidt #47 / Rick Villyard #2 / Mike Clother #7

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Saturday, June 19th at Wenatchee Valley Super Oval, Vintage Modified Racing Association sponsored a give away of two tickets to the Brantley Gilbert concert. The concert will be held at the Northern Quest Casino in Spokane, WA  –  on August 13th
Let me introduce you to the two lucky winners who will be attending the concert and taking advantage of the Meet and Greet with Brantley Gilbert, Congratulations to Jackie and Jerry.  
For fun, click on this link to hear the new release by Brantly Gilbert, Toby Keith and Hardy:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdc2vzUzJME
Now for the Main Event and A – B Heat Race winners.  
Kyten Jones in the #30 car took first place in the 25-lap Main Event and A-Heat Race. A very successful evening of racing for Kyten Jones and the #30 team. Two trophies in one night. You should have been there to hear the cheers going up in the stands for Kyten. There were several fans for this team in the stands on Saturday evening. Kyten is the points leader and in first place with a total of 226-points.  Congratulations Kyten for a wonderful evening of racing.
Ken Kaltschmidt in the #47 car took home the second place trophy in the 25-lap Main Event. It was such a close race for Ken, he led several laps during the Main Event.  Then there were a couple of mishaps on the track that led to the  yellow caution flag waving, it changed Kens luck. Taking home the second place trophy is still an honor. Ken is in second place in points with a total of 220-points. Thank you Ken for putting on a great show for the fans.
Now for Rick Villyard in the #2 car, Rick took home the 3rd place trophy for the 25-lap Main Event. It was a close night all evening for these drivers. And dealing with a very high-sweltering-heat on Saturday, the racers still put on a great show for the fans.  Rick is currently in forth place with a total of 206-points. Congratulations Rick for a great night of racing.
Mike Clother in the #7 car took home the first place trophy in the B-Heat Race. It was an awesome win for Mike, his family surprised him when they showed up to cheer him on for the Father’s Day race. So it was especially exciting for Mike receiving a trophy on Saturday evening.  Mike is currently in ninth place with a total of 123-points. Congratulations Mike.  
Our next race will be at Evergreen Speedway in Monroe on Saturday June 26th.  We will be sponsoring another give away of two tickets to the Brantley Gilbert concert at the Tacoma Dome on December 11th. These TWO amazing concert tickets will also include a ‘Meet and Greet‘ with Brantley Gilbert.  This promotion will be offered to the Grandstand guest. So be there on June 26th and listen for a chance to win these two Concert Tickets.   Thank you Vince Conwell for providing this wonderful opportunity.

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