Wenatchee Valley Super Oval – September 8, 2018 – Ken Kaltschmidt, Mike Clother and John Mustered

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Ken Kaltschmidt in the 27-car took home his first, 1st place trophy tonight from Wenatchee Valley Super Oval. It was an exciting evening for the 27-team, they have never won first place at WVSO before, Congratulations!  The 35-lap Main Event had a red flag with just a few laps left to go. It was neck to neck with the top three cars.

It was a clean sweep for Ken and the 27-car, taking 1st place in the A-Heat race as well.  Ken Kaltschmidt is the points leader, with one race left to go he has a total of 599-points.  Congratulations to the 27-team



Mike Clother in the 7-car took 2nd place in both the Main Event and A-Heat Race.  It was a close race for the Main Event, these teams put on a great show for the fans.  Mike is holding 2nd place with a total of 487-points. Congratulations to the 7-team.


John Mustered in the 26-car took 3rd place in the Main Event and the A-Heat Race.  John holds 3rd place with  total of 469-points. This has been a great racing  season for the 26-team. Congratulations to John Mustered and the 26-team.


Vern Huson in the 77-car is holding 4th place with a total of 423-points. Finished 7th in the Main Event and 4th in the B-Heat Race.



Dave Trapp finished 8th in the Main Event and 3rd in B-Heat Race. Dave is currently in 7th place with  total of 351-points.


Rick Villyard is in 9th place with a total of 240-points.  Rick came in 4th in the Main Event and and 4th in the A-Heat Race.

Shane Conway in the 12-car took 5th in the Main Event and 2nd in the B-Heat race.  Shane is currently in 12-place with a total of  204-points.


Kevin Burley in the 61-car came in 6th in the Main Event and 1st place in the B-Heat Race. Kevin is in 13th place with a total of  204-points.


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