Evergreen Speedway August 29, 2020

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Steve Woods 22-car took first place in the Main Event and first place in the A-Heat race.  Another great evening for the 22-team.
George Chandler in the 24- car took second place in the Main Event.  It was a great win for George, the computation was fast and furious.  It was a nail biting event up to the checkered flag.
Mike Clother in the 7-car took home the third place trophy in the Main Event, going back and forth between second and third it was a challenge up-to-the last corner turning into turn 4.
Brian Cottrell driving the #1 car took first place in B-Heat race. Which was very exciting, this was his first time racing with Vintage Modified. Brian and his team will be a great addition to the Vintage Modifies teams and families.
Thank you to all of the teams that showed up to support the last race of the season.  Steve and Rhonda Lundquist #5 car; Robert and Micki Rux #88 car; Vern and Vada Huson #77 car; Dominic Hunter #18 car; Rick Villyard #2 car and Craig and Eileen Forney #27 car 

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